Refereed Articles

  1. Littlechild, Danika Billie, Finegan, chance and McGregor, Deborah “‘Reconciliation’ in undergraduate education in Canada: the application of Indigenous knowledge in conservation” (2021) FACETS Volume 6, Number 1, pp 665-685 DOI:10.1139/ facets-2020-0076
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In Progress

  1. Article 29 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, co- authored with Baskut Tuncak, in Commentary on the Implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, (book in progress, Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Germany)
  2. Co-Author, Indigenous Resilience Report (in progress) a stand-alone report that will be released alongside (and as part of ) Canada’s next National Climate Assessment (NCA) (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). The report will focus on Indigenous Peoples as rights-holders integral to climate policy decision making. It will draw on Indigenous knowledge and explore multi-dimensional and intersecting aspects of climate change impacts and actions


  1. “Ethical Space and Indigenous Led Decolonization in the Context of Conservation and Protected Areas” at the Anthropology and Conservation Conference 25-29 October 2021 (Online International Event)
  2. “UNDRIP and Impact Assessment: Opportunities and Challenges for Reconciliation” at Ontario Association for Impact Assessment, March 2021 (Online Event)
  3. “Effective collaborations between science, academia, environmentalists and Indigenous Peoples to document impacts on reproductive and intergenerational health through community based participatory research: The case of Canadian mining and human rights impacts internationally” at the International Indigenous Women’s Symposium on Environmental and Reproductive Health, April 14-15 2018, New York City
  4. “Protection of Indigenous Cultural Heritage: International Law and Advocacy” at Rebellious Lawyering Conference, Yale Law School, February 1 2017, New Haven CT